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  1. TiredPsycho

    Chris Pepper - The Serpents (5.3.4 Turf Wars)

    Being Co Owner of Grove and was part of the situation that went down between Serpeants and Grove, I would like to say only interaction we had with them is them rolling down to grove twice in one day just to rob us like they do everyday on the server with everyone else, both situation both me and Jamarcus ended up dead. For the new reason they decided to bring up why the started a war, I'm about 80% sure we haven't stolen any vehicles from them since we actually haven't stolen any vehicles but we do have a few other members but that are Low ranking members in the gang that may have, if so I'd like to see a video of to make sure it was us and not someone else wearing green since we aren't the only ones that wear that color on this server.
  2. TiredPsycho

    Reduce officer kevlar health advantage to 75%-50%

    That goes both ways cause criminals in real life don't go driving expensive cars and carry heavy weapons all the time. But since we ain't basing it all the stuff from real life it makes sense for a cop on eclipse to be wearing a bullet proof vest since about 80% of the people in the city shoot at them for petty crimes they've committed.
  3. TiredPsycho

    Server Wipe upon moving to RAGE

    +1 Money shouldn't mean anything if its an RP server its all about the development of your character story, but since people have payed real money for vehicles and such it, so I know this would not happen since it would cause issues
  4. TiredPsycho

    Poor handling of my case

    So you stole a cab when you know the cab driver timedout instead of waiting for him to come back and RP actually stealing it. Hmmmm
  5. TiredPsycho

    Wheat locked to player