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  1. Account name: BrainDed / BrainDed#1497 Character name(s): Sarah West Who issued punishment: NobodyLTU (?) Date of punishment: 2018/09/11 Punishment received: Discord ban Reason given for punishment: n/a Your explanation of what happened: I was banned from Eclipse RP Discord after posting about recent resignation/removals from Eclipse Staff team in RAGE MP discord and talking to members of said discord about it. Why should your appeal be accepted?: It all started as I joked to a member RAGE MP discord about my resignation and that he can play now, with me ( the bad admin / "badmin" ) no longer on the staff team. Quote of what I said: "Hubba, you can play on Eclipse now, no more corrupt badmins" . With this statement I was targeting myself as being corrupt or bad admin and he agreed with that, due to our previous encounter as me being a staff member and him being a player on the server as we moved to the RAGE MP platform, he was ban evading at the time, which I did not know as he was banned before I was member of the staff team, but I knew that he was troublemaking player so I was spectating him and made sure he wasn't breaking any rules and at the end I jokingly said that I will put a warning on his admin record, stating that this player is Hubba and other admins should be aware of that, I was called corrupt for that and nothing happened of it. Next day, NobodyLTU realised that it was Hubba and asked a staff member to ban the person which was done by Eriksen. After the above conversation, I posted a screenshot of all the recent staff team changes and joked that Eclipse RP management team did some, my quote: "cleansing, got to replace staff every so often you know" and I believe that was the last thing that I said that could be interpreted as offensive to the Eclipse RP management and negative towards the server. Post any evidence or further details: All of the evidence is accessible in the rage mp discord, but if asked I can provide the screenshots
  2. BrainDed

    BrainDed#1497 - Sarah West (Discord Ban appeal)

    First of all, sorry about the signature, I would like to say that I was not in the staff position because of my friends, I have never explained the full reason of my resignation, nor should I have to. The resignation/removal of my friends was the final straw on the big pile of straws that made me want to quit the staff position anyway. As for the discord appeal, the way I would change my behavior is by not taking ECRP business to other discords, especially stuff that could hurt ECRP image. In both Eclipse discord and others, I would limit myself about making jokes/bashing about the situation that happened or any future situations that I might disagree with. I would especially be more careful about what I said, it was never my intention to come off as I did, but I always had issues with wording my mind, that is what I would be very careful about in the future and limit it to 0 Thank you for your time
  3. BrainDed

    Mask 7939_1817, Mask 674_7741 | DM, KOS

    This topic has been closed while the staff team reviews the report. If we will require more information from the involved parties, we will inform you.
  4. BrainDed

    GFX || Staff members.

    I really like these, keep up the good work
  5. BrainDed


    I am definitely a "Fuck it" I just go all in. 😄 Good stuff
  6. BrainDed

    Mic required?

    To play on the eclipse rp you do not require mic, but it is suggested.
  7. BrainDed

    GFX || Jobs with invitations

    Daaamn, this is awesome, maybe you should make an IC topic where you could take commisions for IG stuff 👀 I sure would pay you for some graphic works
  8. BrainDed

    Weapons Are Way Too Weak

    The damage hasnt been nerfed by server owners, the reason why you do so little damage is because of the way RAGE MP works, as for the shooting sync and animation sync, the RAGE devs are working on update that will completely rewrite sync, so you will trully know where the player is.
  9. BrainDed

    [BETTING] Selling Torero

    If my bet is overbid, I would like to have a chance to bid again if its done in the last few minutes.
  10. BrainDed

    [BETTING] Selling Torero

    $130,000 - Sarah West, #3338059
  11. BrainDed

    Why i cant find your server

    Hello, we have been blacklisted by gt-mp for breaching their EULA, if you still want to play on our server you can join our discord and check the pinned post in the #helpdesk
  12. BrainDed

    What's up

    If nobody offers themself to give you a tour of the city, I suggest going to either one of the mechanic shops or call for a taxi, they usually give new people a tour.
  13. BrainDed


    This was not my logic but NobodyLTU's and we are using this "GTA V engine allows it" as an reasoning only in this case.
  14. BrainDed


    No I did not say that, using vehicles to stunt jump is still against rules as it states in there
  15. BrainDed


    When staff team was revising the rules, we had come to this exact rule about driving vehicles up the hill and stunt jumping. As we were discussing the rule, NobodyLTU chimed in and said that if GTA V engine supports vehicle being able to drive off-road, that vehicle can drive there and unlike stunt jumping ( and only in this case we are using the statement that if GTA V engine allows it you can do it ) , this was never in the rule book. So unless Nobody changes his mind or we are able to change vehicle behavior in the dirt, the rule most likely wont be changed as NobodyLTU has the final say in everything.
  16. BrainDed

    Schafter Full

    (( Due to a report I will clarify some things, this vehicle was being advertised as schafter v12 but the owner of the post edited that because I think, even they didnt know the difference and I will give them benefit of the doubt. To anyone selling stuff, you are only allowed to scam for 15k IC, but if the scam is OOC due to the player not knowing the game and you assuring them its different vehicle in OOC channel, that can be met with punishment. Whenever you are in doubt when buying a vehicle because it says "Schafter2" and stuff like that on them on the High End/Low End, if you enter a vehicle and press Y/Z key, it will tell you the actuall name of the vehicle in the bottom right. Hope this clarifies some things. ))
  17. BrainDed

    When does server moves to RAGE?

    No, we are not wiping anything
  18. Hello, please follow this guide https://gt-mp.net/forum/thread/3-troubleshooting-guide-updated-at-31-08-2017/# Especially the part where it says where to install gt-mp
  19. Hello, you posted this in wrong subforum so I moved it. As for your problem, do you own legit gta v?
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    The topic was moved here because you posted in the wrong subforum.
  21. BrainDed

    How and where do you capture a turf?

    Not all of them, there is like 8 turfs and 2 of those seem to be bugged as some people reported.
  22. BrainDed

    How and where do you capture a turf?

    You can see the turf in the bottom left next to the map where that purple guy with flag is. If it says "empty" you are not in a turf currenlty. As for the capture points, you will just have to find them.
  23. BrainDed

    How and where do you capture a turf?

    Each turf comes with 3 captures zone that you need to capture and a warehouse. The one tip that I can give you, is that after you capture 1st point, you need to capture other 2 in 60 minutes, or the progress will reset.
  24. BrainDed

    Counter Meta Gaming

    I guess one way this could be done is by either opening criminal faction discords to eclipse staff members, so they can monitor it, or creating voice chats on eclipse discord dedicated to criminal groups, so that they can use it on eclipse discord and be monitored there.
  25. BrainDed

    Counter Meta Gaming

    Not in theory, let me give you how you can actually do it. There is a software out there that allows you to emulate microphones, you would receive the sound from your microphone and split it in 2 virtual microphones, one is for the TS to be always on and one is for the 3rd party app. You can then set that with a press of a button, the microphone to the TS lowers its gain to almost nothing, but not as low so that the TS doesn't detect it as non active, while the one on 3rd party app has the normal gain. There it is bypassed. Easy. Not in Theory. Achievable by anyone.