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  1. What's up

    If nobody offers themself to give you a tour of the city, I suggest going to either one of the mechanic shops or call for a taxi, they usually give new people a tour.

    This was not my logic but NobodyLTU's and we are using this "GTA V engine allows it" as an reasoning only in this case.

    No I did not say that, using vehicles to stunt jump is still against rules as it states in there

    When staff team was revising the rules, we had come to this exact rule about driving vehicles up the hill and stunt jumping. As we were discussing the rule, NobodyLTU chimed in and said that if GTA V engine supports vehicle being able to drive off-road, that vehicle can drive there and unlike stunt jumping ( and only in this case we are using the statement that if GTA V engine allows it you can do it ) , this was never in the rule book. So unless Nobody changes his mind or we are able to change vehicle behavior in the dirt, the rule most likely wont be changed as NobodyLTU has the final say in everything.
  5. FearRP - STRANGER 7382_3637

    Sorry for the delay on the report, but I have come to the following conclusions: 1. @SteScotland In the future, when you are reporting someone, if the video is edited in any way possible and without proper cause (personal information, etc...), the report will be denied. 2. Player Louis_Price / @Concept will be warned for breaking FearRP rule. When someone has their gun aimed at you, you must value your life and you cant just punch someone or run away while being aimed at point blank range. I suggest that you read the rules again to make sure you are up to date with them. Report accepted/archived
  6. FearRP - STRANGER 7382_3637

    Tagging @SteScotland to upload the video again without music and without text. If there is any sensitive information in the video, such as any IRL information or stuff like that, you can PM me the unlisted video and I will review it.
  7. FearRP - STRANGER 7382_3637

    Hello and thank you for making the report. I would first like to ask @SteScotland to upload unedited video, that means no edited text or sound. I would also like for the reporting party to notify player Louis_Price / @Concept ( I believe this is their forum account ), if you see them IG please notify them about the report. Both of you have 24 hours to reply.
  8. Schafter Full

    (( Due to a report I will clarify some things, this vehicle was being advertised as schafter v12 but the owner of the post edited that because I think, even they didnt know the difference and I will give them benefit of the doubt. To anyone selling stuff, you are only allowed to scam for 15k IC, but if the scam is OOC due to the player not knowing the game and you assuring them its different vehicle in OOC channel, that can be met with punishment. Whenever you are in doubt when buying a vehicle because it says "Schafter2" and stuff like that on them on the High End/Low End, if you enter a vehicle and press Y/Z key, it will tell you the actuall name of the vehicle in the bottom right. Hope this clarifies some things. ))
  9. Appeal - Sweets, Ray

    Locked and moved due to the double post.
  10. Mask 8139_7935 FearRP

    24 hours have passed, because the rule break is clearly visible and the party didn't respond. I have come to the following conclusion: @Warshack4874/ Johhny_Rossman will receive warning for breaking FearRP rule Next time, if someone is aiming a gun at you and they stop to type, you are still under effect of FearRP and you cant pull out your gun, shooting them. Report resolved/closed
  11. Mask 8139_7935 FearRP

    Hello and thank you for reporting. While the breaching of the rule is very clear, I would still like to hear why the offending party decided to pull their weapon and shoot at you. Tagging @Warshack4874 / Johnny_Rossman to give their explanation. They have 24 hours to respond before I make a ruling on the report. If you see them in-game, please PM them, telling them that they have been reported.
  12. When does server moves to RAGE?

    No, we are not wiping anything
  13. Hello, please follow this guide https://gt-mp.net/forum/thread/3-troubleshooting-guide-updated-at-31-08-2017/# Especially the part where it says where to install gt-mp
  14. Hello, you posted this in wrong subforum so I moved it. As for your problem, do you own legit gta v?
  15. yazielfreyre

    The topic was moved here because you posted in the wrong subforum.
  16. How and where do you capture a turf?

    Not all of them, there is like 8 turfs and 2 of those seem to be bugged as some people reported.
  17. How and where do you capture a turf?

    You can see the turf in the bottom left next to the map where that purple guy with flag is. If it says "empty" you are not in a turf currenlty. As for the capture points, you will just have to find them.
  18. How and where do you capture a turf?

    Each turf comes with 3 captures zone that you need to capture and a warehouse. The one tip that I can give you, is that after you capture 1st point, you need to capture other 2 in 60 minutes, or the progress will reset.
  19. Counter Meta Gaming

    I guess one way this could be done is by either opening criminal faction discords to eclipse staff members, so they can monitor it, or creating voice chats on eclipse discord dedicated to criminal groups, so that they can use it on eclipse discord and be monitored there.
  20. Counter Meta Gaming

    Not in theory, let me give you how you can actually do it. There is a software out there that allows you to emulate microphones, you would receive the sound from your microphone and split it in 2 virtual microphones, one is for the TS to be always on and one is for the 3rd party app. You can then set that with a press of a button, the microphone to the TS lowers its gain to almost nothing, but not as low so that the TS doesn't detect it as non active, while the one on 3rd party app has the normal gain. There it is bypassed. Easy. Not in Theory. Achievable by anyone.
  21. Counter Meta Gaming

    While your idea is good, I am 100% sure that when people played on that server of yours, they could still talk on 3rd party software. There is no way for us to prevent others from using 3rd party software to metagame. There is no way to stop players from metagaming and I believe that while some people are in discord servers together, just being in there to talk isn't metagaming. I would also like to point out, that accusation of metagaming is being thrown around to easily, people hear someone is talking out of game and they immediately accuse them of metagaming, while not considering the impact of what was said in game, if I say for example: "Lol I just killed 3 people" and it only stays at that, that isn't really metagaming in my opinon, its just some people making fun of how someone can kill 3 people. Metagaming would be if after I said that, people came to where I killed the guys and helped me get their stuff.
  22. A idea for POV

    Have you ever seen someone walking while in first person and they were just sliding around? That is first person mode in gt-mp. In this state, its bugged way to much to force first person, although I do use it for myself most of the time.
  23. Quit To Avoid RP - Mask 7037_6906

    After reviewing evidence, I have come to the following conclusion: Player Mark_Brookes / @UBzMayhem will receive: 2nd punishment for Combatlogging , player left/crashed during RP situation that didn't benefit him and never returned. Next time, if you have problems, notify the person that you were roleplaying with that you have problems with your game/computer and ask them to wait or ask if they want to continue later once your issues are sorted out. Because the player went to the police next day and turned themself in, they will receive slightly reduced punishment. Report Accepted / Resolved
  24. Quit To Avoid RP - Mask 7037_6906

    Hello, thank you for reporting. Player Mark_Brookes / @UBzMayhem has 24 hours to explain why didn't they come back. While we are waiting for them to respond, what would the IC jail time be @SoloSmith ?
  25. Hello all, my first time RP-ing

    Welcome to our community. If you haven't already, I suggest joining our discord to stay up to date more: ( https://discord.gg/y2gxAjg ) You can ask questions there or just chat to the people. I hope you will enjoy your stay :) Also, do you mind sharing where you saw about us on reddit? I am actually interested.