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  1. I can login on the panel, but not ingame

    Try copy and pasting your password, the login panel In game doesn't support capslock. Or just use shift
  2. Movin' from SAMP to GTMP

    Welcome to our community, if you have any questions I suggest hopping on our discord: I hope you will enjoy your stay here and that you will have good experience.
  3. Wishing you all a good farewell!

    Invalid, sad to see you go, you were almost always here to help and was very open about pretty much everything except for one thing. You never gave me code for your damn bot!!!! I hope that our paths will maybe sometimes cross again, even if its just me trying force my point into you again <3 InvalidSun Keep your mittens off me lucky charms. Gonna miss ya <3
  4. Automatic Fine Deduction

    -1 If it was removed people would stop paying again.
  5. After reviewing evidence, I have come to the following conclusion: Player Stranger 7465_7422 / @Flabbyflea will receive: Warning for FailRP , player failed to respond to basic /do /me commands, cop baiting and committing crime in the NCZ. Please read up on the rules we have and on our roleplay guide, if you have any questions you can ask in #helpdesk on discord or PM any of the members of the staff team, we are more than happy to assist new players. Warning for using Out of Character content in VOIP, please refrain to do so in the future, VOIP is only meant to be used In Character and if you ever slip up by mistake, apologising in the Out of Character chat doesn't hurt. Warning for FearRP, player failed to fear for their life when being threatened with a gun. We have a rule for FearRP which states, that you have to value your life and if its in danger you have to react accordingly, in this scenario proper way to react would be to stop and put your hands up 1st punishment for breaking NLR, player instantly died to a bug when being wounded, decided to not to roleplay by leaving the zone but returned the same minute, just to run past the people involved in the previous RP and go to the nearest Ambulance where he caused something that lead to him being tazed and cuffed by the same officers that he was killed by. As for the other rules broken listed at the report, there was lack of evidence for the RDM and the instant death when being downed could be a bug where server thinks you are already dead and when you die, you don't go to the wounded state. It is odd that player instantly died in span of 10 minutes, but there is no way to prove it was bug exploiting. Report Accepted / Resolved
  6. Hi everyone

    Hello and welcome to our community. If you have any questions I suggest joining up our discord:
  7. Hello, thank you for reporting the player. I would like to give @Flabbyfleaf 24 hours to respond and give their side of the story.
  8. Scamming

    Hello there, as I was the moderator in-game that handled the report, I would like to say something and tag: @juniornyc If I am not mistaken, this is Rudy Vinziatti @Hellequin This is Tavi Patronus I would like both of them to provide evidence as to why they canceled the deal. This means Tavi Patronus providing evidence as to why they thought Ben Rucks was snitch and Rudy Vinziatti learning it from Tavi Patronus. I would like to note that both parties were cooperative in-game and that this isn't the usual report we get on the forums, but its more to clarify what went on and I wanted to do it in someplace moderated and visible. So please, do not attack other parties and provide constructive feedback. Another reason as to why I wanted to bring this to the forums is depending on the outcome listed below, if any party wants to make an appeal, they will be able to do so using this topic as reference and our appeal subforum, where Head Admin or higher can provide more insight on how to handle in this situation where the value of transactions is over scam limit. Depending on the provided evidence we will get two options when report is resolved. 1st. Rudy Vinziatti and Tavi Patronus learned of the information leading to the canceling of the order through invalid channels and Rudy Vinziatti will provide guns in full value of 65.5k to Ben Rucks. 2nd. Rudy Vinziatti and Tavi Patronus learned of the information through valid channels and Rudy Vinziatti will provide guns/money in in value of 50.5k so that the scamming rule isn't broken. Awaiting for the evidence from the reporting party.
  9. Scamming

    Double topics, locking and moving to denied.
  10. Hi everyone!

    heeeya and welcome to our community, we hope you will enjoy your stay. :)
  11. I have no info about how it works, but from image that was posted, adding new clothes shouldnt be a problem.
  12. Check the #development post on discord.
  13. Rule Breaking

    Hello, after reading all the statements, rewatching the video and assistance from Pazz, I have come to the following conclusion. 1. @Hellequin / Tavi_Patronus , you will be verbally warned that using OOC means of communication is considered Metagaming. I would also like to point out that you as a player can't stop roleplay, so even if you feel like you have been wronged, you have to continue the RP and report the players on the forums later. 2. @JackD248 / Jack_Davie , you will be punished for 1st offense of Deathmatching, you clearly stated ICly that you have no intentions to harm Tavi, so when he called for help at the farm and stepped out of the vehicle, complying to your demands, you had no valid reason to shoot him. Ontop of that, you will also be warned for 1st offense of FearRP, asking someone to kill you means, you don't value your life the way you should. 3. @VAC to Global / Sam_Clifford , I would like to remind you that killing a friend who is downed is considered Deatmatching. For the end, I would like to point out 2 things: 1. Players can't stop roleplay without consent of everyone in the RP, if you think someone has broken rules, you can call for admins and if they respond, they can stop the RP, if they dont, you keep on roleplaying and report them later on the forums. 2. With the current system we have for the weapons, leaving the vehicle can sometimes lead to the player having weapon in their hand, this is not a valid reason to just kill the player. Report resolved and will be locked
  14. Rule Breaking

    Hello and thank you for reporting. I would like to give @JackD248 and "Sam_Clifford, mask 5762_1029" 24 hours to respond with their defense before deciding on the ruling. I could not find Sam_Clifford forum account, but I will make sure to notify them In-game about this report.
  15. Hello everyone.

    Hello and welcome to our community.
  16. Hello!

    Hello and welcome to our community, if you have any question/problems dont hesitate to ask ig/forums or on our discord server where its most likely you will get an answer.
  17. Hey everyone

    Welcome to our community, If you have any questions, I suggest joining our discord, that is where everyone lurks and has a good time.
  18. New to RP

    Hello and both welcome to our community. If you ever have a problem where you dont know a command, you can use /report IG or ask for help on our discord server: If you are new, I suggest reading up on guides in the guide section, especially the one about RP :)
  19. Stranger ID toggle

    That would be your problem, as turning off stranger IDs would be optional.
  20. Stranger ID toggle

    the way it could work, if you turn off IDs/nametags on your side only. So you dont see Stranger ID's above people heads, but admins/other people still do if they didn't enable the command.
  21. Help me PLS

    Go to and reset your password by inputting your email account.
  22. Help me PLS

    You can login here? There is a difference between forum account and IG account, just making sure.
  23. Help me PLS

    Can you login on the game panel? Also I suggest hopping on discord, so we can answer you more easily.
  24. Basic Introduction thread

    Hello and welcome to our community
  25. What do i do?

    Hello, you can follow this video on how to install mod: Once the mod is installed press launch button in top right and enter this information once you are IG: