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  1. sorry for wasting time and I assure to you it will never happen again.
  2. archive it please I thought it meant 30 credits
  3. I did it and It didn't go through and didn't get my credits I just need 50 credits and I am good
  4. I am doing it right now
  5. I will see if I can buy more I am struggling on money currently
  6. I need 50 more to donate please
  7. but here it is anyways
  8. nvm I need 30 left to be donator I was wrong
  9. https://imgur.com/4uq60bW my discord is cannons#3570 Name is Jacob Bathsheba
  10. Here is a screenshot https://imgur.com/vWd72xP
  11. Hi so I am here just to inform you about the farming across the street from the mechanic shop whenever I go on duty to farm and get the tractor and try to plough the check marks do not go away as the updates have restarted my game I have restarted my game and someone else has told me in /b that they have had the same problem that I am having.
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