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  1. WilliamTesla

    Hello! New to Ecliprse RP

    Welcome to Eclipse RP
  2. WilliamTesla

    Hello there

    Thank you for the discord invite, just joined it. And thanks everyone for such a warm welcome, it's great to see such a community.
  3. WilliamTesla

    Hello there

    On SAES:RPG my nickname was StarWars, and to be fair, I don't really remember you, as you said yourself, a lot of time passed, and SAES has changed way too much to stay there, obviously, not to the best side. It's a shame as I've really enjoyed being a trucker there, in ALT, an officer in PC, as well as, recently, over the beginnings of 2017 joined another squad, named NNB (National Narcotics Bureau).. Hopefully here, I can also somehow get myself to the police side, but obviously, not before making sure I've been for quite enough on the road, as a trucker.
  4. WilliamTesla

    Hello there

    Hello to Eclipse RP, I was quite impressed when I discovered that something like this existed on GTA V as well. I've been playing for quite a long time on another roleplaying server in MTA:SA (Multi Theft Auto San Andreas), since 2011, untill just a few month before, I would really like to explore this server, and stay here for as long as I've been on SAES, my old server when I used to roleplay on MTA. I was known as StarWars, back in my roleplay community, but here I'm roleplaying as William Tesla... And.. I guess, that's all. Hope to have as much fun as I had back in my days on MTA.