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Suggestion about prison

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Hey. So I was wondering, why does it take 19k when officer puts me in jail? I Mean I'm already sitting 120 minutes, so it's completely non sense to pay money when you are sitting in jail, wtf? And they take licenses let's say drivers and weapons for 2 days????????? I would understand if they take licenses for 2 days or more in game time but in real time lol...

I'm suggesting to add job to prison, when you are sitting in jail, let's say you can go outside and clean trash, and by one trash bag you get your time a bit lowered in jail. That would be nice I think instead of being AFK 2 hours lol.

One more, you can't choose helmets when you get on your bike, I would say add helmet category or smth so when you hop on your bike you put helmet you choose in the shop. 

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Hello and thank you for the suggestion.

As part of this has already been implemented the other parts have not been appropriate for implementation, this topic is now locked and archived.

Thank you and have a good day

Kind Regards

Senior Moderator

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