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Purchasing and selling property in Los Santos

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Hey guys,


So this idea has probably been spoken about before but I think it's a good one and would be great for the server. This idea would make things one million times easier when purchasing property and could generate money for people who worked for the business.

The idea would be to open up a government job maybe by the name of 'Real Estate,' and make a GUI inside the building of where the company is located on the map. For example, when you go into a clothes store, you press 'Y' and a GUI comes up displaying all of the items you can purchase. However, what if there was a GUI like when you press 'F4' and it has a list of addresses of houses that are for sale. The players working for the job could be given a company vehicle that they can access using '/fspawn' and drive people looking for houses to these locations if they so wish. I understand that this would conflict with players selling their houses with the interface when you press E at the front door of the house, but it could make it easier for people because then all of the properties would be easy to find and would save people a lot of time. The job would not need a lot of employee's, it could be a smaller business just like 'Weasel News.'

I just think that something could be done about buying and selling properties without having to drive up to houses, getting out of your car and running up to the front door to check if a house is available for purchase. At the very least I think that information of who owns the house and their phone number should be displayed. This would help reduce the congestion in the in-game chat with the use of 'bleets.'


There are probably things I'll think about later and kick myself for not putting in or some of this may not make sense, but please do feel free to put your input below. Thoughts and opinions from the community could improve this idea or just help out the admins and developers to make the game better in general.


Thanks for your time!



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