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New Player Stuck on Character Creation Screen

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I'm brand new to EclipseRP and I completed the application questions last night and submitted them to an Admin, I logged off and tried to login this morning and it takes me to the character creation screen but I already have two created and cannot figure out how to get into the game. I cannot see any messages stating if my application was approved or denied, so I imagine it was approved, I just can't seem to get into the game from the character creation screen (it takes me there as soon as I launch RageMP and login using my panel information). 

I couldn't find a help topic about this, and was wondering if someone could help out.



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Hello Louisj5,

Do your characters appear in the panel? If not it maybe a server related issue and I recommend you contact the admin team about it. If your toons are in the panel and you attempt to join, but nothing happens -- it is possible that your application has either not been reviewed yet or was rejected; it should tell you in the top corner when you attempt to join the server.

It takes between 1 - 3 days for the admin team to review your application as a heads up.

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