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Change Makeup / Remove from Plastic Surgeon

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I'm not sure if this is in the works or anything (couldn't find it), but there should really be changes to the make-up system. It shouldn't have anything to do with the plastic surgeon. For a new player like myself, it's way too expensive. If anything, we should be able to change our make-up at any time we want in a house we own or rent since we do that in real life as compared to going to a plastic surgeon to touch up on our make-up. Maybe add make-up products at a 24/7 so it's possible? No idea. I would be fine with it being attached to the tattoo or barber shops.

  • The eyeshadow (makeup) thing is broken. There are no alternatives or colors. At least, I wasn't able to make it work.
  • Lipstick and blush are fine. Maybe add opacity since some of the colors are a bit extreme.
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