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Dmitrij Nagiev

Job skill levels

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So I was thinking of things that could better the server, but with all the work that you guys have to do this is a minority probably, so here we go. My suggestion is: is to make it so if you work for example as farmer for a long period of time you get experience for that job specifically. Experience would let you level up your job skill level or whatever you may call it, and you would get 1 point per level up. You could use the points for various different Job Skill benefits, perhaps having a luck skill which would lower the percentage of getting weeds, or maybe spend your points on a skill that makes your crops grow faster, harvest them faster, plant the seeds faster, remove weeds faster, etc. If this idea would be reviewed by a server developer, I could expand my explanation a bit more, for example I could come up with all the level up upgrades for every job. But that's it for now.

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