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Some of them eh..

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Alright, let's get to the important stuff first..

We need /newb or /joinhelp as we had back in the good old days, imo there's no point in bothering admin with one question while he might have to deal with some more imporant stuff(especially considering the fact there's few of them), if we have mods/eventually some helpers just let them answer the question, players can do it as well..(just dont make the 1min cooldown)- high

Imo we need some vehicle guides/guides in general, now that's.. well eventually it's going to be done(I haven't seen any of them tbh) but since every server has it's own economy and stuffs it would be nice to know some basic/minimum house cost for example(from the server set prices when ur buying it) etc.- med/low

More jobs/detailed stuff, right now as far as I see all the locations are random on the jobs and you get somewhat equal ammount of cash, but.. money transpoer is quite a meh, I mean it's not bad but its 90 percent of close atms and 1 in the middle of nowhere, courier is imo most effective right now but whatever if you deliver 1 box or 10 the money which you get is equal only the miles/kms matter as far as I see, trucker is underpaid.. plenty of distance driver plenty of goods delivered and somewhat hard to drive the trailer in certain situations..-med

Now regarding the robberies.. imo there needs to be some sort of rule regarding this, as far as I see people are just getting out of their vehicles in the random locations and they're just screaming hands up and eventually killing you, searching your inventory with 0 rp and leaving.. whatever if it's public spot or not it doesn't matter...

Please add /accept death after 60 seconds or something

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Greetings @SkylineGT, is your suggestion still relevant? Can it be merged, or adjusted to fit the now current state of the game? Discord has an '#I_Have_A_Question' many help with, in addition /admin or /report has plenty of player support that help answer questions. In addition, most players are willing to answer questions IC or OOC, if someone doesn't know.

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