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Red Light Cameras

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I know someone inquired about speed cameras, but I think more realistically to avoid accidents would be red light cameras.
I think this will encourage players to FOLLOW the road rules instead of speeding through red lights.

I've ran into 5 accidents alone within the last 3 days where people smash into my car with their courier vans or cars and then drive off.
Then when chasing them (if car isn't stalled), shouting to stop demanding insurance paperwork 4/5 of them ended up FAIL RP and log off then back on.

The fact that people will have a penalty for running red lights will alone encourage more players to properly role play driving and reduce accidents.
This will also add to the role play experience with red lights having a major play in traffic patterns and how people interact at intersections.

Fees of $50-$100 I think would be appropriate per red light.

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