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[2.1.4] [2018-07-26] ECLIPSE Roleplay

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ECLIPSE Roleplay Update Notes - 2.1.4



  1. Fixed chat opening while in phone
  2. Fixed phone elements not saving
  3. Moved poker input to the left side of the screen
  4. Potentially fixed poker bug that incorrectly calculated the winner
  5. Fixed salary not being updated on phone
  6. Added custom hospital respawn locations
  7. PD/MD can join server even if its full
  8. Fixed cruise, (this include tires burnouting)
  9. Players will automatically spawn with a phone
  10. Chop shop changes location every 12 in game hours
  11. Chop shop pays a little bit more
  12. Removed chop shop blip
  13. Added delay to /showvehicles
  14. Added new phone UI
  15. General store UI automatically closes after walking away
  16. Taxi number is 1111
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2 hours ago, alexalex303 said:

The chopshop changes are a bit weird, it's like the city is too big to search for the chopshop. It feels like 99% of the server will never use it again.

Just wait until someone finds it and tells the location to friends. All criminals will probably know the locations.

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4 hours ago, DubisTV said:

Ok here you go i found the chop shop as soon as it was moved idk how but i guessed exactly where it was. It's in a Camp on mount chilliad near Paleto bay theres a hint i wont spoil the rest 😉

lol you sure about that? Drove around mt. Chiliad for about an hour hitting all the secluded areas and found zip

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