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Missing Cars

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Date and time (provide timezone):   7/13/2018 - 22:27 UTC

Character name Cat Dantonio

Issue/bug you are reporting:  I had 3 cars up for sale at the Lowend market. I believe tonight was the 3rd night on sale(possibly 4th) and 2 cars had yet to sell. I logged in at the Lowend market only to discover my cars were not there. I used the /showvehicle command and the message appeared on the screen saying there was nothing to show and another message about going to Mors. I went to Mors and the cars are not there either, nor are they in the public carpark area. The below video shows me at Mors and with no cars to reclaim in the menu.


@ The 5 minute mark you can see me checking Mors. @ around 5:22 I typed /stats to show I own 2 vehicles that are nowhere to be found. Vehicles are included in the attached picture. I had searched 'Mors' in the forums and read some of the posts etc. But I am no further forward. I did send a report in game about 30 minutes ago before posting this, but I'm guessing staff were tied up elsewhere as nobody got back to me. Also, apologies if I am in the wrong place with this and there's perhaps something I am unaware of that solves this.



Mising cars.JPG



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