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Vanilla Unicorn Nightclub

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"Conveniently located in the shadow of Strawberry, the most popular nightclub of Los Santos."


  • To walk into the Vanilla Unicorn nightclub today is to walk into a bit of a time warp. It's a old dressed nightclub. However, that's not necessarily such a bad thing. This quintessential strip club sports a spacious main room with one tipping stage with three stripping poles, main bar, VIP lounge and a premium lounge. These stages offer a lot of variety for your dollar slinging pleasure. And let's face it - variety is, indeed, the spice of life. 

Coming with a car? No problem! Around the corner we have a 24 hours parking spot and in front of Vanille Unicorn you can park your vehicle if these spots are not taken.
Want to drink? Take a cab or arrive at Vanille Unicorn in style, take a luxury taxi service. 

"What happens in Vanilla Unicorn stays in Vanilla Unicorn" we provide you 24/7 services because the people in Los Santos never sleep.


Feel free to visit Vanilla Unicorn anytime, once you enter the nightclub you agree with the following rules:
You are 18 years or older, bouncer may ask for your ID.
Look but don't touch our staff.
No fighting or angry behavior.
Do not insult or harass.
No weapons or firearms inside our nightclub. The bouncer is feel to frisk when you want to enter our nightclub, if you refuse the bouncer to search you are not welcome.
Only pay with cash, ATM is inside the nightclub. You can withdraw money there.

Vanilla Unicorn also offers multiple VIP lounges that give you exclusivity among the other city's richest and powerful people, seperated from the others that are in the club. In order to have acces to the VIP area, you will have to pay the price of $5,000 per person. If you want to make a reservation please contact [email protected] 


Vanilla Unicorn OOC rules expects every member to follow these rules all times.

Respect the server rules and follow them anytime, if not you'll be removed.
Useless & unnecessary OOC communication IG is not tolerated, keep it IC.
Always use proper grammar, voice that is not a must but appreciated.
Always roleplay a acceptable amount of fear.





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