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Working Steering Wheel Guide

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Hi guys,

Just a simple brief of what this does. This application allows the use of a steering wheel & pedals for GTA V.

Files included:
Default Folder - Just contains the .exe for you guys which then you can configure yourself.

Logitech G29 - Since I have the G29 I have a preset, this may be used with the G27 or G920 but will need changing, definitely will need changing for the G27 (Could use the shifter's buttons as the D-pad since the same layout).

http://www.mediafire.com/file/o1dzn9861xo1zmf/Steering Wheel Tool.rar


Place files within the GTA V directory and run the .exe so that it can download the required files.


Key Mapping:

Dead Zoning and Steering sensitivity:


Please try not to edit the Dead Zone since it allows you to steer straight without going all over the space.

Anti-Dead Zone controls how much the vehicle wheels turn in regards to a wheel turn.

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