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Not sure if bug or not

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I cant get / commands to work. I cant even get a field to show up. I tried all the usual ways but no way to enter text anywhere comes up. Direct letter commands work fine but hitting 'Enter' I assumed that would open a 'chat' window did nothing. Nor did pressing/ directly. So not sure what is going on. I closed and reopened twice even restarted my PC.


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At first I was trying to /unload garbage truck but then noticed I wasnt getting any sort of 'chat' window in which to type. Which I assume is necessary to do commands at all.


Basically I hit 'Enter' and nothing happens. I assume doing that should open a window to type into. For me it doesnt.


Meh disregard I just figured it was the next logical key to getthe window....T. Got it now.

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