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Jordan Rodriguez

The Longing

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The longing

Based on Family and respect.


((In Character information))

Thank you for looking at The Longing recruitment page. This gang is about a lot of things but I will cover only a couple. The first one is our family. If you are part of this group your family comes first. We are a family. Friends of yours will be considered family. Never throw your family under the bus and always cover for them. The second thing is respect. There is a certain respect we show to people. We never rob anyone. We show respect to people unless that person has done something to us. We want the city to like us not be afraid of us. Need to find us? Just ask around.


((OOC information))

Requirments to join:

 At least 1k XP

Good sense of RP

No harsh admin record

Not a dick


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@Jordan Rodriguez,

Please remove the IC recruitment form that is placed in your faction post.

All criminal recruitment should be done in-game as the use of criminal forums as IC discussion area are forbidden.

- NoewUH

(failure to adhere to this request will result in the in the removal of your faction post.)

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