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Some server suggestions

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Hey guys so heres my list of server suggestions


Criminal Record:

Current state : once you have a criminal record you cant get a goverment job anymore. you need to reroll as a new character. cause even name changing or appearance changing doesnt clean out you criminal record or so ive heard this (didnt test it) 

New state:

you should be able to have the ability to get a clean slate. to be able to get a clean slate you would have to pay an X amount of cash and you would  not be allowed to get tickets or go to jail for a period of time. meaning i need to be clean for a X period of time (could be months years up to admins). this would be proof that you indeed have left behind the criminal life and really want to be a legal worker. Cause as of right now to work for the goverment u need a clean sheet and 4 year citizenship.





Poker's current state its okay but not perfect for example theres no decent split pot. example me and player both have a straight but i  have J which makes the straight and a low kicker 3 other player on the other hand has also a J but a K as kicker, in official poker rules you only need to create a hand with the best 5 hand combination u can get so in this case the kicker wouldnt even play a part in this hand. but as of now if you both have a straight the dealer will look at the kicker which doesnt really make sense.

New state

make it more like official poker with 5 hand combinations meaning straight flush fullhouse four of a kind straight flush royal flush dont need kicker as final decision

Blackjack dealer

Whats a casino without a propper blackjack dealer since not everyone likes the slotmachines i would like to see a npc blackjack dealer with official blackjack rules ofcourse so you can split double down etc.


Turf wars:

Current turf war system is very boring

Current system

all you do is wait on a spot for 2-3 hours maybe get some action for like 10 minutes but overall its pretty boring. or people just offline take turfs 

New system:

Make turfs buyable : every faction can buy a warehouse where they can start their illegal stuff so every faction has access to heavy guns illegal stuff etc. 

Add a raiding system since the main reason to  get turf is a warehouse make warehouses raidable with rocketlaunchers or C4 faction would need to grind these items by doing faction jobs to get all the supply that they need to get explosives i think this would be alot more fun than the current system. Ofcourse getting explosives shouldnt be very easy that you can raid everyday.

Also the supplies you need for the explosives u wouldnt be able to store in cars or houses so it needs to be in the warehouse this way warehouses wouldnt always be empty and to do these missions you would require heavy arsenal of guns in the warehouse.

This would in turn also give cops the chance to do propper warehouse raids. so lets say The comission has been misbehaving on the streets robbing killing people make their name known

cops then could raid their warehouse once they did their research on finding the gangs hideout ofcourse. this again would be greater for rp between cops and criminals

Bank robbery or Jewerly store

We criminals need more activity and bank robbery or jewerly store robbing would give us more rp between cops and criminals.


you need atleast 5 people with heavy guns

2 hostages to secure the bank this would be for their own protection as cops cant just bust in with their squad since they have hostages which would make rp interaction better.



well thats it for now i hope you guys like it James jefferson out




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Hello and thank you for the suggestion.

As part of this has already been implemented the other parts have not been appropriate for implementation, this topic is now locked and archived.

Thank you and have a good day

Kind Regards

Senior Moderator

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