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  1. 7094_839 (FearRP/NonRP)

    i didnt know i couldnt go in my house to get a gun to fight back my apologies for that once i came outside i said you want to rob me and pointed my gun at him i didnt pull the trigger until he did which u can see in the vid.
  2. Mask 8056_1155 (Deathmatch 6.1.1)

    first off ive already explained myself to an admin which contacted me after this happend (forgot his name ) as you can see i was trying to *borrow* a cop car as i noticed a man was watching me i approached him and said u snitch u die which he replied : you wont do anything pussy but seeing there were cops i waited for the cops to leave so i could actually do something. After the cops left i pulled out my gun and said put your hands up which he replied no go fuck yourself and kept on walking so i opened fire and killed him. why did i kill him he didnt put his hands up as he kept walking and calling me names which in my eyes he doesnt apply the fear rp so i killed him