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Hello GTA Rp'ers

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Added some profile info ... Been reading the threads here for over an hour ... looked at many videos about GTA RP ... have a good idea of where I want to go with it ... this server seems like the right choice ... I like to stream and am a fairly decent sort of fellow looking for a niche in the world of GTA 5 RP ...

Am experienced in RP though this will be a little more challenging for me, I think I will do ok.

My first major goal is to make some cash, invest a little maybe, get that dream house, and meet the community of Los Santos it seems ...

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Thank you for the tip. Also wondering I applied onto the server, spent a good hour on that quiz. did my character up took a long time and says awaiting admin to accept me. I went back in and says I have a blank char and have to do the quiz all over; is that an error? I hope the admin has my char data saved and can reload it as I spent a long time to make it and do that quiz.

This was late last night how long does it take to get accepted?

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I made 3 mistakes out of total and spent over an hour on it ... it said I passed and have an assigned character and I cannot get a response and am not allowed to contact admin about it so ...

If I have a premade character on my Panel, I should not have to redo a quiz; the last part said I had to wait for an admin to be accepted; so I am waiting.

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