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non-native english speakers

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hi everyone,

i'd like to know if non-native english speakers are welcome on this server

speaking english is not a big problem and playing imigrant role would be fun af :D :D


so, are there any players from europe playing here?

is it even possible to play on usa servers without lags?

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Hi @themate0. This server is English only and we have plenty of players who are ESL. The server is located in Europe so you shouldn't have any lag issues. 

Make sure to connect with us on the Eclipse RP Discord with a link located on the top right of this web page.

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oh, I thought the USA flag in the rage.mp server list is the location of the server

I'm going to use discord, pass the quiz, follow the rules and play the role :D

Thank you for quick response and see you soon in game :P

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