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[SUGGESTION]: Loan Refunds

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Hello my fellow roleplayers! Here on Eclipse Roleplay, currently, the only way for a loan company to get their money reimbursed from a player who may have left the server or have been banned is to file an out-of-character refund request. I have a proposition for this.

Instead of forcing loan company owners to file out-of-character requests, I feel we should implement an in-character process of getting reimbursements for loans. Below are some of the steps that should be taken in getting a loan reimbursed. 

Player has left the server or has went inactive without any notice:

  1. Attempt to get in-contact with the client ICly via phone number. 
  2. If contact was unsuccessful after a certain period of time, file a "law-suit" or contact the government commissioner(s) in regards to the missing client.
  3. Government Commissioner would attempt to get in-contact with the client as a "last warning." If contact is unsuccessful, the Government Commissioner would assist the loaner in seizing all assets and/or money within the clients bank account. 
  4. If the assets or money does not add up to the total in the remaining loan, there should not be an out-of-character refund as in real life, the loaner takes a risk by loaning the client. There is no way for money just to be completely reimbursed to the loaner as it's a business. Instead, take an in-character approach, therefore, the loaner would press charges of Fraud. The charge of Fraud would make sense as the player has received a loan and "skipped town" in order to avoid paying off the loan. Even if the player might have left the server, should the player return in the future, he/she would have warrants for their arrest for Fraud and still be required to pay the remainder of the loan, and it serves as a lifelong debt until it is paid. 

Player has been banned from the server permanently:

  1. The loaner would contact the Government Commissioner and inform them that a loan client has been deported. The Government Commissioner would then assist the loaner in seizing or, repossessing, any assets or money from the clients bank account. 
  2. Like stated in the above, if the money or assets do not add up to the total remainder of the loan, the loaner should not receive the luxury of receiving an out-of-character refund for the money lost as it should be treated as an in-character risk being a businessman or businesswoman. 

Player is still actively playing on the server but is making the choice of not paying off their loan:

  1. The loaner should get in contact with the client in attempts of organizing a payment plan. Should the client ignore attempts of contact, the loaner should then get in contact with the Government Commissioner in attempts of getting clearance for asset repossession. If clearance is granted, the assets would be repossessed into the loaner's possession, where it would then be the responsibility of the loaner to attempt to sell the assets to receive reimbursements in the form of money.
  2. Should the repossession be successful, the loaner would then have the option of pressing charges for Fraud. The charge of Fraud would make sense as the client ignored the attempts of paying their loan. 

Overall, this would be an attempt to take away all of the out-of-character work that comes with owning a loan company. This would give owners of loan companies more of a risk as they would have in-real-life. This would also create more roleplay for law enforcement, clients, and loan company owners in regards to repossession roleplay, pressing charges, and more! 

DEVELOPMENT: There may need to be a few commands to assist in repossession. The Government Commissioner would be required to accept a repossession request and/or assist in the repossession itself, and there would need to be a command run in order for the assets to be transferred into the loaners name.

LOAN COMPANY OWNERS: I can understand why some may disagree with this suggestion, however, I want to make something clear: This is a roleplay server meant to simulate real life, not a game where winning is the goal. This, in my opinion, would create many opportunities for fun and quality roleplay. This would also help loan companies expand from just handing out loans to run foreclosures and mortgages. 

Thank you to all who took the time to read this suggestion! Let me know what you guys think of this suggestion below.

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