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Sam Wright

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Sam Wright

Sam was born in Sheffield, England on the 17th of November 1993 and lived there until he was 16, but moved to Las Venturas with his brother James (a self proclaimed genius card counter) after his parents were killed in a car accident. The loss of his parents had hit both brothers pretty hard, and they quickly became tangled up in gambling, drugs, guns and boosting cars, until it eventually just boiled down to the last three. Sam and his brother would often boost cars from relatively unknown hood criminals, selling most of the drugs they often found inside while keeping a bit for themselves. However, several successful but relatively quiet years later, the brothers started to get cocky and would go after the vehicles of bigger and badder criminals. The cars and drugs they were stealing got more and more expensive and the brothers were doing very well for themselves, until one day a routine operation went, for lack of a better phrase, tits up. James had set off the very advanced security system of a prominent Italian mob boss' beloved rare 1972 Ferrari Dino GT and the brothers found themselves the targets of the whole mob and more than likely many other criminals now that they had a suspect.

Although they were very talented at stealing cars, Sam and James were in no way master criminals, and had no idea what to do now that they were wanted. They constantly moved around San Andreas, finally settling down in a couple of cheap, discreet trailers in Sandy Shores, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash stashed underneath their floors. Being in Sandy Shores and the type of person he was, James quickly became involved in crystal meth. Boosting cars wasn't much of an option out in the desert, so James convinced Sam that they could become meth dealers. They lived a relatively profitable sixth months until one day Sam caught James using some of the product he was meant to sell. While this angered Sam, it was nothing in comparison to the anger of their bosses, who had also managed to find out that James was using some of the drugs he was meant to sell. A few weeks later, Sam was powerless to stop them from driving James out into desert and most likely shooting him in the head and dumping him in a ditch. 

Sam wanted to keep his distance from the people who killed his brother, but also wanted to be close enough to perhaps one day gain full closure on what happened to his brother, so he decided to take the little money his bosses didn't steal and his beloved, heavily modified 2013 Dodge Challenger and decided to move to Los Santos. 

Will it be a fresh start or more of the same? 


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writing one now
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