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Stashpot Bug

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Date and time (provide timezone): 30/05/2018

Character name: Steven Black

Issue/bug you are reporting: It seems people are able to exploit being able to set your stashpoint literally anywhere on the map if you're in dimension 1/2

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: So after me and a few others robbed a number of houses, we were kinda stunned when 4 of us couldn't find a stash pot, taking this in mind i thought something fishy is going on. My friend and i came to the conclusion that some houses when you enter, you're actually able to walk out the front door without using Y - Doing so, you would be in the wrong dimension, but able to literally set the stashpoint to anywhere on the map. So we tested this theory and indeed as suspected it can be abused. We tested this with a house in Sandyshores, my friend walked out of his house as the door was open (without pressing Y) and he was able to go half way accross sandy shores and set his stashpoint.

A few lines of code I'm sure would rectify this. (I'd like to add after we tested this theory we did set the stashpoint back to within the house)

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