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True Brown Maharlikans

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The True Brown Maharlikans 

The True Brown Maharlikans(also known as TBM) is an off-shoot clique of a gang from the Philippines called Mga Dugong Maharlika (MDM) in a place called Donto, Malina in 1969, a time when lawlessness was widespread in the city. 

Three years after the group's inception, in 1972, Martial Law was declared in the country by then tyrannical President and evil dictator Roman Goloma, forcing MDM's members to flee Donto, Malina and seek refuge in another country. In Los Santos, Filipino expatriates, including former MDM members, experienced severe discrimination from locals, with most instances of harassment quickly escalating into physical violence. 

This was when they decided to form a group with the intent of protecting themselves, their people, and what little property they owned. They first called themselves The West Indios, and they drew the support of the Filipino community in their area because of the gang's noble cause. In return, the people they protected would offer them food, liquor, or some cash as a way of showing their "utang-na-loob" or debt of gratitude. 

Eventually, the gang picked up on the idea that their protection services could become a lucrative business venture. They began to put themselves up for hire as a protection agency in exchange for an exorbitant amount of cash, and if their target refused to pay, they would send their own men to thrash the target's property. This was the start of the gang's road down the criminal path, and they renamed themselves as the True Brown Maharlikans (TBM) to mark this new beginning. 

Initially, the TBM was a group that was exclusive only to Filipinos and Filipino-Americans, but recently, they have opened their doors to other minorities who wanted to be part of their community, most commonly Hispanics and African-Americans. They have also expanded their business from simple racketeering to robbery/hold-up, carnapping, illegal gambling, illegal drug manufacturing and trafficking, smuggling of commodity goods, and even gun-for-hire services. The True Brown Maharlikans are one of the fastest rising Filipino gangs in San Andreas.

(( This is still in progress. Thread may be updated without further notice. ))

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