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Eclipse Roleplay Server and Roleplay Rules

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Eclipse Roleplay community members, 

It is with great pleasure we announce the release of our new Server and Roleplay Rules handbook which is now in place of the previous list of Eclipse Rules. We believe the additions and changes made will provide a more clear and concise understanding for players and a more clear line for administrative staff to understand / enforce rules more uniformly. If anyone has any questions regarding the contents of the new Server and Roleplay Rules please don't hesitate to ask questions and create discussion so our community can work together to understand, practice, and enforce these new rules in order to create a better role play experience. We have compiled a list of some of the bigger changes but ask that everyone take the time to read through the handbook again througoughly even parts you believe you know well, to make sure there are no wording changes that change how you perceive a rule. Thank you to all of you who make Eclipse Roleplay great.


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