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Voice Chat Not Working PLEASE HELP!

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Not sure where else to post this..and I have been at it for almost 4 hours..

But I have been trying to get my in game voice to work and everything I try doesn't work.

Currently I have all my ingame settings in both the RP Server and the main game set to the exact same thing, all key bind and sound settings. I am currently using Astro A40 Headset, and using a Blue Yeti microphone as my Mic. In normal GTA my voice works just fine, but in the RP server it doesn't pick up my Mic at all. 

I have tried to talk to at least 5 or 6 people and everyone just says they cant hear me. It says I'm talking to them but no one can hear me I have tried even changing the setting to just use my Astro A40 mic and even that doesn't work.


If anyone could please help me try and figure this out I would highly appreciate it.

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6 hours ago, Phil McGee said:

Whats your operating system? And are you seeing the green talking/radio icon at the bottom of your screen and your mouth moving IG. 

Windows 10 Home Edition. And yes, Says talking in green letters and my characters mouth is moving.

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8 minutes ago, Phil McGee said:

Is it a USB mic or plugged in via a jack? If it is a USB mic try plugging something into your mic jacks. 

I Have a USB Mic, and then I have a headset that is Optical from my PC to a mix amp, then Aux Jack to the headset. But I have tried using both my USB mic and the mic on my Headset and neither of them work. I dont have anyway of plugging my USB mic in Via a jack


If I go into the normal GTA game both work just fine though.

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