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Cruise/Speed Limiter and Controller

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Date and time (provide timezone): 01:56 23/12/20 GMT+0

Character name: Lewis Smithers

Issue/bug you are reporting: If you activate cruise control and then leave a vehicle when you get back in cruise control is disabled, To turn it back on you first have to turn it "off" then on again

Expected behavior:  Cruise control should stay on when you leave the vehicle and return to it.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Turn on cruise > Get out > Get In > Turn Off cruise > Turn on cruise again. This bug also seems to be intermittent as to when it happens.

Vehicle license plate number*: N/A

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Yup, Cruise Control is generally bugged even before the update when:

  • Modviewing a vehicle; fully switches its state to OFF
  • Spawning a faction vehicle; you're required to spam the command (/cruise 68 for reference) about 5 to 7 times along with the L button
  • Cruise Control randomly goes off whenever it pleases to if driving
  • If it's locked at whatever speed (lets say 145) on a freeway and when adjusted to 80 to meet a speed limit, it wouldn't follow that inputted command and either rather keeps you on the same speed or just completely disables Cruise Control (when its actively on, as in state ON but no Cruise Control at all like its OFF)

I've been pulled-over twice and was issued a speeding ticket because of it.

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This is even stranger...

When driving my personal vehicle, if I enable cruise control, get out and back in, cruise control is on but does not actually limit my speed unless I disable it and re-enable it.

If I have cruise on in my own vehicle and get out and back in, it is on, but not working. If I then summon a scripted vehicle and get in it, cruise control is on and working...

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Date and time (provide timezone): Ongoing through 14 JUN 2021, 2300 UTC

Character name: Alex Schill

Issue/bug you are reporting: I noticed that it seems 90% of the time when using a xbox controller to drive the cruise/speed limiter (/cruise) does not work on vehicles. Sometimes toggling it multiple times does work but again it is hit or miss.

Expected behavior:  For the car to not exceed the speed set via the /cruise x command

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Connect to the server with an Xbox controller, hop in any vehicle and set and enable cruise (say /cruise 80 then use full throttle on the controller, the default being right trigger.) If it is re-enabled and the keyboard is used, the car will use the cruise/limiter correctly. The only way around this and still using a controller would be to use something like RemapWASD and setting the triggers to W and S for gas/brake. I'm guessing the bug is due to the analog input from the triggers.

Vehicle license plate number*: CQWCJNJD

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