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Usage of /shout, /me and /do while injured

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I saw this report while lurking through the archive: 


I've heard that we're not allowed to use /shout while injured but I didn't know we were supposed to use /low while injured as well. I find it very unlogical that we are enforcing such a rule which is not explicitly stated in the rulebook. I acquired the knowledge that you are not allowed to use /shout when you're injured after 2 months of time spending in the server and despite being a member of the LSEMS.

For this purpose, if people are not allowed to use /shout while injured and are supposed to be using /low, then these should be enforced by the script. Players should be set to /low when they use text chat if they're injured and should be unable to use /shout as well. In fact, while at it /me's and /do's should also be set to /melow and /dolow for injured players. 

Instead of enforcing weird rules which are not explicitly stated anywhere and left to the player for guesswork, the script should enforce limitations. Just like how we can not use the radio and such when we're injured.

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