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Changing Gang-War Rules.

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When a gang claims a territory you know how that works, they get huge benefits off of it. People say that declaring war has to have an IC reason, but I think turf alone should be a reason. If it were real life a street block owned by 1 gang would be enough to get people killed to take it. On top of that there are gangs like Grove Street who abuse this "rule" by never showing face anywhere so that they can keep what they've taken.

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Remember there was an inactive gang who owned Centre back a few months, all I had to do to get permission to take the turf was screenshot the entire roster of the gang as inactive and that was good enough to get permission to take it.


Should probably add that I also attempted to contact the leader of said gang, and got no reply, so yeah, if you can prove they are inactive I think you'll be able to convince staff to neutralize the turf just fine.

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