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Acting Academy (( role play academy )

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Hello everyone, hope everyone is doing good.

Since i am a beginner i really appreciate the way everyone interacts with me and gives me some space to test the water with roleplaying. which i am having a lot of fun with.

However while i try my best i am still not that confident in it.


As such i think a selective 1 class that is held at the start of each week ( or weekend ) would be great as a way to introduce beginners into this space.

By getting some of the best roleplayers of that particular week ( using the already in0game /goodrp /badrp commands ) on weekly basis to give pointers and demonstrate to new comers how to roleplay efficiently.


As further encouragement the selected ( 2 roleplayers and 1 assistant or so ) can get a reward, money or a sticker that they can show off ( you probably have a better idea here )


That way i think all the attendances will get a better understanding of how to get into it, and how to develop and compare their characters.


Subjects i have in mind is role playing a police stop. getting robbed, or just general stuff. that way it can cut out sections from the training of each of the business and give out paths.


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