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Make the despawn time on work vehicles lower

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First of all: the update that makes your vehicles stay 12 hours after logout is a fantastic implementation. I absolutely love it and it brings a lot of life to the city. 10/10 update!

Sadly, a lot of people use work vehicles to drive from A to B when they have to recover their car, or don't have one. This makes the city flooded with busses, transport vans, trucks etcetera. Seeing as they now stay in the same place for 12 hours, it's very frustrating to see cars in the middle of the road (due to logging out and not coming back or whatever) or at hubs (the bank, Mors,...). Most people don't do the effort to quit their job so the car despawns, or don't know that's a thing.

As a mechanic myself, I sometimes take out towtruck and tow as many rogue vehicles off the middle of the road as I can, but I can't make this my full time job. The most disruptive vehicle, busses, can't be towed so the best we can do there is just ram them repeatedly and hope they move a few inches.

My suggestion would be to lower the despawn timer for these vehicles you can obtain for doing a "normal" (non-faction) job, from 12 to maybe 3 of 4 hours. It gives disconnected people more than enough time to hop back, and would stop the unnecesairy flooding of our roads.

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