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VIP Tax Break not working

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So this is something that has been happening for a long time but I guess I just never looked into it. I'm guessing it is just something with my account but I have VIP, have for pretty much my whole time in ECRP. I've come to realize that my 35% tax break, that should be getting knocked down to 20% tax break, is always going through at 35%. I have a screen shot of my most recent salary claim that shows that I am being taxed at 35%. If someone could please look into my account and confirm that there is something going on I'd greatly appreciate it because at this point I've probably lost hundreds of thousands of dollars without realizing it.



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You are in the high tax bracket, which is 35%. So the bank menu is telling that to you.

When you withdraw the salary, it tells you how much you saved with VIP. It ICly refers to it as "philanthropic activities".

When you type /salary or view how much is in your salary at the bank, that amount has already had the taxes removed from it. 

The second your income hits your salary it is taxed, it does not tax it when you take it out, but as you slowly accumulate it. As such you won't get 35% tax on your entire salary, but each small amount you add to your salary is taxed for 35% (or less of you have VIP)

If you're in the medium or low tax bracket, VIP ends up making the tax 0%, and you get taxed nothing, but the bank still says you are in the 12% or whatever medium bracket regardless.

For example, you do a job and earn $100 to your salary. If you have VIP and are in the medium bracket, there's no tax so your /salary will show as $100. If you were in the high bracket with VIP that $100 will turn into $80 in your /salary. So on and so forth for each time your salary gets paid.


Does this help to explain it to you?

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