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Bank Heist Alarm Bug

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Date:: 30/05/2021 around 20:30

Character name: Billy_Sander

Issue/bug you are reporting: The bank alarm goes off for no apparent reason. Both tellers held up, door was cut then breached. No alarm rang. Then, still with both Tellers held up 2 allies went to behind them slowly to knock them out but before they could, alarm rings. It always seems to be around this time. (No one was drilling vault.)

We did everything correctly and alarm rank.

Expected behavior: 

Alarm rings only if:

  1. One of Tellers hands are down and someone aims at one or aims at different times causing the other to press alarm.
  2. Bolt cutting with tellers hands down or drilling with tellers hands down.

- Both Tellers held up at exact same time, no alarm should ring. Both tellers arms were up allowing boltcutting to happen with alarm.

- Both tellers knocked out. Alarm should not ring. Especially if at same time.

- Then drilling can start after both tellers knocked out. Once drilling finishes, the alarm should go off if nothing else went wrong.

Evidence: https://streamable.com/l0m49q

Note: This has happened multiple times to multiple different groups.

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