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Re-evaluating my 2nd ban appeal

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In my first ban appeal, I was given time to rethink my decision, learn the rules deeper, and prepare myself to come back into ECRP. The 1 month goes by and I make my 2nd ban appeal, in this I admitted I was wrong, explained thoroughly that I took a lot of time studying the rules, and how I demonstrated them in other servers. The fact that my 2nd ban appeal wasn’t taken by the one who took the first, is a big problem. The second ban appeal was denied and the administrator said I need to explain my admin logs in the NEXT appeal (another month), he also said he didn’t think I was ready to return, when the person who took the first appeal told me to prepare myself to come back. I took my hard time trying to do better with my RP and to go over and think deeply about the rules on this server, I don’t think this is very fair, how they can keep on changing what they want to see in my appeal, and how they changed the admin who took them.


Ultimately I would like to see this change, specifically the assigned admin of the player must stay the same, and the review of the appeal is based on what the admin suggested wrote in the second appeal. I would also like to request deeper review on BOTH of my ban appeals.

Also he said I need to bring up my 6 NRPs when my 1 month to study the rules was mostly because of that, because I violated multiple rules I needed to review them.


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Thank you for interest in rejoining the Eclipse community. However this is not the section to discuss punishment appeals. Please review the information in link 1 below. Then if you want, feel free to post your punishment appeal in the section, in link 2 below. 


Link 1: Decision Appeals Information 

Link 2: Where to Post your punishment appeal

Pending Archive. 

Thank you,


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