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Server Weapons and Mods

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Have the following weapons be available for purchase by any Licensed Gun Holder in addition to Modifications that does not aide in Criminal Conduct.

- Allow players to choose skins and designs of each firearm as available on GTA V.

Disclaimer: Weapon stats can be adjusted via Script. Please do not use the weapon stats as a reason not to support adding the firearms.

- SNS Pistol
- SNS Pistol Mk11
- Pistol
- Pistol MK11
- Combat Pistol
- Heavy Pistol
- Pistol .50
- Vintage Pistol
- Double Action Revolver

Ceramic Pistol (Government Issued Only)
— PD, SD.

Legal Purchasable Modification
- Skin/Livery/Tint Design
- Luxury Design
- Sights
- Flashlight
- Open Carry Holsters
— All Designs and Forms of Gun Holsters available in the game.

Ammunition Trade-in System
- Allow any Valid Firearm Holder to sell their firearm to any ammunation store.
- The player in return will get back a pre-determined amount which the store will pay.
- I.e All stores will pay 3k to trade in a Pistol. 2k for Combat Pistol, etc.
- Invalid Firearm License holders or firearms not registered to the person or illegal firearms will NOT be tradable. An attempt to do so will trigger a silent alarm to law enforcement to respond to the specific store.
- Players will be able to purchase traded in firearms from the store set to the store’s standard price of that specific model with its Customization intact

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