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Looking for more feedback on my rejected application

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Hi there, this is for anyone to read and comment on, I realise that it is against the rules to help people pass the quiz for entry. I just have a couple of concerns about the feedback that I received with my declined application. Please let me know if this is not the best place on the forum to post this.


Please make a realistic biography,

I'm not really sure which part of my biography this feedback is targeting. I described a character who was freelance journalist predominantly working for a nature magazine. I described their socio-political leanings and interests. I described how they might be inclined to break the law in small ways in order to further their political agenda. I only included this last bit as I assume most people will be RPing an element of anti-social behaviour, given that this is a GTA 5 server.

be sure to put some more information and detail into your biography.

I'm happy to provide more information but what exactly was I missing? And how much detail is anticipated? Is it necessary to provide background information? I was hoping to weave this fluidly into the character's narrative as I interacted with others in-game. And... I met the required word count... Does the minimum word count need to be adjusted to give newcomers clearer guidelines about how much information is needed?

You are not allowed to RP real-life people.

Again, I'm not sure what this was targeting? My character was a work of fiction.

Make sure to explain all of the commands and what they are used for in question 5.

I would really like to, but the forum/server's own guide only explains two of the commands in detail, /me and /do (source: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/16456-eclipse-roleplay-roleplay-guide/). There are example of valid and invalid /my commands, but no concrete definitions for these actions. There are no clear explanation of (a)my and (a)me on this page. 

Be sure to look over, the Robbery / New Player Robbery rules, and apply them to the scenario questions. Please explain the exact rules that are being broken in the scenario questions

I'm happy to look over these again because I obviously missed something. I will endeavor to name the rules that are being broken, rather than providing a description of how the rules were being broken.

Thanks for your time.

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