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Industrial Vehicle Modification Upgrades

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I like to RP a trucker enough that I bought a Phantom.


When I upgraded the Engine all the way and installed the turbo I barely noticed if at all any difference. I even dragged along side a friend in a stock version to see if there was a change(no noticeable change in performance). Since this vehicle was not customizable in the Vanilla GTA online, I was wondering if Mods/upgrades are actually changing/effecting the stats in the vehicle on this RP mod/server. I have a sneaking suspicion Vehicle upgrades are not working on those vehicles that were not originally customizable in Vanilla GTA online. 


If they are actually working and changing the vehicles stats, here is my suggestion.


Suggestion: Can the vehicle upgrades for the industrial vehicles Phantom, Hauler, Packer, Flatbed, ETC. be buffed to where you can actually see a significant difference between a stock and fully upgraded version of the same industrial vehicle please? This way owning your own vehicle can be justifiable to just renting one for the job. 


The Founder is busy Fixing and redoing a lot of his work when the change was made to Rage MP, so I know this isn't a priority. I just hope he takes a look at this when he has time in the future. 


Thank you for Reading. 


Edit: Finally got enough money and upgraded the Phantom Completely. Upgrades are definitely not working. This leads me to believe, like I said earlier in the post that Upgrades unavailable to vehicles in Vanilla GTA online have no effect on vehicles in this mod/server. Hopefully this is fixed in the future. I realize this will require editing the code of each industrial vehicle (and any others) which will take a while. Good luck and thanks for all the work NobodyLTU. 

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19 hours ago, ants1992 said:

well if you've paid for them and they aint working it needs fixing. trucking is a cool job too and it might entice people to buy their own trucks more often if fixed.

I double checked at Bayview with /modview to make sure they were applied and tested it (Still no change). I also saw that Window tint, Neon Color, Rims, Rim color and suspension also do not work on this vehicle. Looks like any modification originally not modifiable on a vehicle in Vanilla GTA online still do nothing in this mod/server. I am now sure the performance mods don't work. 

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