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Ezekial "The Devil Medic" Diablo

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Ezekial and Gavriel were born into a world they were never fully prepared for nor deserved. However, all lives begin without planning and without us fully knowing what we are getting into. Ezekial and Gavriel were twins born to two wonderful people in New York that always wanted kids, but, never had the chance until they were much older. They were immigrants from Mexico who came to the United States for refuge from an overwhelming corrupt town. The town was ran by the cartel and barely allowed people to keep enough money in their pockets to feed themselves, let alone children. So in their mid thirties they made the decision to flee to the United States and start over... leaving everything behind. By the time they found time to have kids they were in their late 50's and had made quite the lives for themselves. After much time passing Ezekial and Gavriel were brought into the world on September 5th 1989 in the middle of the night. There was no other family besides their parents present and hospital staff, but, they were alive.

Fast forwarding 18 years, Ezekial and Gavriel found themselves having to fend for themselves in the streets of New York after their parents died in a car crash one day on their way home from work. Due to their parents struggling as the boys got older, not much was left to them. They found themselves homeless, uneducated, and struggling to survive within a few months. Work with no education was impossible to find and slowly but surely they began to resort to stealing and fighting for what they needed to survive. They were robbing stores for food and beverages... breaking into abandoned places to have shelter for the night... and robbing houses to make what little money they could. The Brothers began to live life as criminals and enjoyed it. What they didn't know was they were being watched constantly.

One afternoon the brother began to make their way to a new spot they had heard was quite profitable for anyone willing to take the risk, but, on the way they were stopped by a couple gentlemen who spoke very little english and telling them to come with them. At first they refused but were no match for these men once they pulled out guns and demanded they follow them. Ezekial and Gavriel proceeded to follow the men into a nearby abandoned building where a gentleman and a girl around their age were waiting. The gentleman began to offer Ezekial and Gavriel many things including a life filled with riches. Both boys looked at eachother trying to figure out who they were and what was going on when they both noticed the mark on the mans arm. They began to look around the room as they noticed all the men in the room had the same marking on the left side of their neck. The image was that of a something unholy which they later found out was the marking for The Devil's Cartel. A group known for drug and gun smuggling, kidnapping and torturing, and many other things. Ezekial and Gavriel not fully knowing what they were getting into agreed to go with these people and attempt to better their lives via their methods.

However, they had no idea how far and deep these ties would run and how much true danger they were in...


((All information contained in this post are strictly OOC and should not be used in an IC manner. I will be making edits to posts to add additional images along with highlighting certain words. I am writing this first post very late at night and it was on my mind so I had to post it before I lost the train of thought.))



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1 hour ago, MistNinja said:

best of luck, interesting story and hope to see more of you! 

however since i see this under character story is this also an idea for a faction?

Ezekial has been my character for almost 2 years.... however due to fear of META, I kept his story to strictly IC and telling it IC... recently I began to think about exposing it on an OOC level since I have been playing him for so long and figured why not share everything from him out of the city up until this point... it will for sure be quite the interesting story considering all that has happened in my time of playing him.... LONG ago I had thought about having The Devil's Cartel being a thing but that was during the time of Zetas, Triads, and Aztecas and honestly I loved being friends with them and didn't want to risk the relationships I had over a faction if that makes sense. I knew them all on my first character Gavriel and now on my second one Ezekial....IC and OOC, they helped me with many things including learning how to RP properly even though I am still learning to this day.

EDIT - Yes I am aware characters are not supposed to know eachother from the same account however I have permission from certain staff regarding the storyline and interactions Gavriel and Ezekial had. If staff reads this and has questions, I can provide evidence somewhere along with there should be things in the Archive about it. Clarifying so no one begins to freak out.

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