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Fresh Off The Plane

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Hey, guys. I figured I'd go ahead and introduce myself, since I intend to get started here soon (after I finish my download and kick around in Single Player so I know which button does what). 

This will be my first attempt at any sort of gaming RP, so I'm looking forward to the experience. I write quite a bit in my spare time, and I've been active in the forum RP world for years now, but I was always leery of trying the sort of off-the-cuff RP that comes with online gaming. 

Just bear with me while I figure things out. I hope to be a contributing member of the community soon.

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Hey buddy, welcome to the community! Gaming RP is not too far off from forum based so that transition will be easier than you may think!

If you want some help, i'd be more than happy to. Just shoot me a message on discord. Kronyk#6113

Also, if you dont already have it, here's a link to the ECRP discord. https://discord.gg/y2gxAjg

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