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Armor Plates:

PD/SD could get it from their faction loadouts.

Importable by official criminal factions for a lower price than a full vest in 50 AP 75 AP and 100 AP.

Make it so it has a timer/animation to equip it and high volume to prevent abuse.


Purchasable item at the hospitals which can be used to revive someone that is injured without having to go to the hospital.

Action takes 1 minute or whatever the developers think is balanced.

Only usable by people with BLS certification (could make a whole new "license" for it).

The person revived by this will have to get treated by a medic at the hospital to get their wellness back to 100.


Purchasable item at the hospitals which is used to restore a percentage of your health instantly (unlike the painkiller).

Shorter length to use than the medkit but not too short so it is not abused too much.

Limit usage to one time every 5 minutes.



Decrease the price of heavy weaponry by 30%, pistol prices are fine.


Feel free to comment any changes you would like to see in relation to this post!


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3 minutes ago, Ne0n1c said:


no as it will kill md even more.


5 minutes ago, Ne0n1c said:


same as above.


5 minutes ago, Ne0n1c said:


No. I think that the prices to import heavies are fine were they are. This is not a pvp server so we dont need people runnning around with heavies every were because they are cheap.


Only thing yes for is buying plates for armor.  But even then yall can takes yours out so you dont loose damage. 

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