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New Land to use .

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I was cruising looking for houses and seen in mirror park that there is a whole estate section that is just empty. I see a lot of potential for new RP here, such as builders that could build houses here and expand the market, or just some new houses in general would be great. I am saying this as I think this is just space being wasted when there is opportunity's for it not to be. As you can see in the images below, there is so much space to work with.



As you can see here, there is full plots of land that can be renovated and used rather than sit there and waste space.



Just look at the amount of space that can be put to use, the market is so empty right now with house prices going through the roof and this could possibly even help with  the pricing of properties at the moment. 


Please do  let me know what you think of this !

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