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Wondering about a thing

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New player here just started yesterday.

Just starting off taking some jobs such as bus driver, farmer, money transporter to gain money and make sure I have a clear record to apply to be part of Police department. 

So while going to the mechanic to get a different color for my car, I drive in and as I enter its filled with cars so I go forward towards the end and while I drive I sneeze and crash into a car shocked I back up and accidently hit another car. I can understand to everyone else it looks like I might be trolling but I try to apologize but two people not owning either cars approach me yelling saying a bunch of stuff about crashing and can't drive. Okay fine I understand I made a mistake. I accept if I have to pay for damages but the guy I hit pretty hard isn't even worried about it. But a mechanic quickly went to get his car and park in front of my car so I don't leave.  Hmm okay I guess. He calls the cops and says I'm a piece of shit of a guy purposely ramming into cars. I wasn't aware he was a cop and I'm sure he wasn't a admin or he would of stopped the RP to make me answer for what I've done and why it happened. At this point I tell myself I have no reason to explain myself to someone who wasn't interested in what happened might as well wait for the cops. I can also escape due to some space behind my car but what's the point. After a while no cops arrive but more customers but the mechanic wants to stand next to me so someone asks what is he doing and he starts bashing me for being a piece of shit again to these new people so I respond and tell him I guess accidents are things that happen on purpose and that makes me a piece of shit for doing something by accident but whatever. Didn't think this mechanic was judge, jury and executioner of Los Santos. He decided to move his car and say I remember your face you can get outta here so I leave like no reason to be there now.

In complete honesty I didn't mean to hit any car. I am not trying to ruin anyone's experience. I am just trying to play the game like everyone else and if and accident like this is going to end up being such a serious deal then I'm better off not driving at all. Not playing the game at all. But I already donated 100 euros for the perks they provide and really want to spend more time playing the game. 

So I want to know is this a serious deal? Will I go back to the same mechanic and he refuse to service my cars? Will the cops think this is a HUGE thing over an accident where maybe my goal of trying to be a cop will be denied?



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