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High Ping - 2000+MS

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Account name: KyleE

Character name: Avery Edwards

Issue/bug you are reporting: Whenever I am playing Eclipse-RP my ping raises up to 2000+MS in 5 seconds, and it only happens on Eclipse-RP. I have tried EVERYTHING from reinstalling the game/GT-MP/analyzing PC with antivirus programs et cetera... It's impossible to play... It comes down sometimes but then up and it only happens on Eclipse-RP. My ping is back to normal once I disconnect.


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Here are my internet speed results.

I don't know what QOS is and if I have it or not.

I am from Croatia (EU)

Don't worry about my computer specs, it's intel i5 3.2ghz, 8gb RAM, 2gb graphic card AMD R9 series...


It only happens on this server, I hope you will find a way to fix it... we can also go on skype/teamviewer if needed...


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