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Add make-up separate from the plastic surgery menu

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Add a function that allows people to change lipstick, lipstick colour, blush, blush colour similar to how hair works at barbershops and tattoos at tattoo parlors

Having to pay $30,000 to change your makeup is ridiculous. This would encourage people to change their looks more

Could also consider allowing people to change their ageing, sun damage, etc to reflect character development

There could be a furniture item which allowed this

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+1, maybe for the ageing, sun damage, etc could be scripted. Simply, if you are

1. Not in an interior

2. Time is between 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM

You will get sunspots and vice versa


Ageing should probably be monthly as in ooc monthly

for each day you are online(as in 24 hours adding up) your skin should age.

Maybe even have a system of scarring wherein, a character upon injury is given a temporary VAR:Complexion

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