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marcus john

Criminal record bug

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Date and time (provide timezone):  Not sure the time as i was never there (was told by DCC that it happened in the last 2 weeks)

Character name: Marcus john

Issue/bug you are reporting: Things have been put on my criminal record that i did not do and was unaware of until I lost my job at DCC due to it I had a issue a while ago with someone having a similar name to mine which caused issues when looking for the record (not sure if it is linked). Cant use IA as it is out of the time frame and i dont have any evidence.

Expected behavior:  Things on criminal record that shouldn't be 

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate:  Not sure how it happened don't have any evidence as I was not there so don't actually know what happened


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@marcus john hello, this section is for bug reports, if someone put charges on you, that doesn't mean that the script is broken. You may want to contact an administrator in game, preferably someone who is a member of the PD and they may check your history and see who put the charges on you and could ask why.

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