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Log in Problem

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Hello! I have a friend with this problem, when he tries to log in, automaticaly gets kicked and says something about "godmode" and disconects him. 

I hope you can help me to play with my fiend. 

Thnks for your time.


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The problem is that im not in his house and he is working now, when i try to enter from my computer with his log in, nothing happens, i can log in without any problem.

When he tries in his own computer, the problem apear about the godmode thing.

Im sure that the problem is his pc, he tried a few days ago to make a server, and he downloaded all the server things, but he deleted it and reinstalled the launcher so i cant find the problem.

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Your friend will need to create a post on the forums and provide a screenshot or video of his log-in attempt to allow us to assist him further.

Without this, my only recommendation is to restart your computer, redownload everything, and hope for the best.


My only idea of what could be wrong is that the server files that he downloaded could be conflicting with the eclipse ones. He would need to double check that he deleted all of the previous server files and that he has a clean version of GT-MP "user" installed.

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