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A collection of additions that are better than new UI

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So I think everyone can agree that this new UI change came out of nowhere, nobody asked for it and we're all really confused about why it came around? "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"

What follows is a list of improvements that I think should take priority over adding a new UI when the old one had nothing broken.


1. FIX VOIP - The bug that causes VOIP to skip and break up (AKA Robot VOIP) is probably the most dangerous bug and the one that ruins my whole experience on this server the most. I believe this bug is caused when coming in close proximity to a group of players. For example going to the bank is a guarenteed way to replicate this bug. This bug is super dangerous, especially when trying to give callouts in a shootout, a few people come close to you and BOOM, you can't hear your radio anymore.


2. Phone improvements - The phone seems extremely outdated and clunky to use. This idea has already been suggested and +1'd by over 80 people. I'm not sure how this suggestion hasn't been considered for an update yet but this certainly should have taken priority over a scroll wheel UI. Suggestion post here: 


3. Roadside repair - Recently mechanics have been taken away the ability to do roadside repairs on vehicles. Not sure why this was taken away, whether it was a bug or something I have no clue, but it should be added back.


This is what I could come up with off the top of my head within 10 minutes. Please feel free to discuss in the comments. Thanks for reading

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