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go back to the old criminal RP during NIGHT time

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I wish we could do that instead of what we currently have. I miss robbing farmers and shit while the bank is closed. Come on everyone is complaining so much and yet others Thinks its good. Cant we just go on with that the old criminal RP is allowed during the bank closing or something?     we miss the freedom that made this server so funny!

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Old Criminal RP can't be even called RP. The rule of "hands oop i have a gun" is too op. 
Criminal: Hands up or I'll shoot
/me searches man
/do What would i find?
/Me attempts to take everything from the victim
/do success?

You call this ROLEPLAY? You're litteraly are a problem and that's why this rule was introduced "I miss robbing farmers" - you're serious or just joking? 
Imagine playing on a roleplay server while the most fun thing to do is robbing farmers...  because it's so fun to point a gun and just take it without any other interaction... AYYYY

There's a thief simulator game if you like robbing people so much, you don't need to be on a roleplay server.

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