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Freelance job outfits

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Recently I've seen an influx of abandoned freelance job trucks left everywhere around the city. I am sure this is being abused as people find they can take out a company vehicle and just abandon it after they reach their destination. This is against the rules but people do it anyway without any real enforcement. My suggestion is that those who take the Freelance job would be required to wear the according uniform as soon as they start the job. This way, if you abandon your faction vehicle with the intent of abusing it and not returning it to the job when finished, you will NOT be able to remove your uniform unless you return to the headquarters and /returnvehicle or /quitjob at the headquarters. This will hopefully deter the use of faction vehicles with the intent to abandon it. It will also add a layer of realism, as the player will not be "working" in their civilian clothes.



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